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Random Podcast – January 10, 2007

William Hello again my friends. This is episode number two of the Random Podcast, for January 10, 2007. You can get it here. Also, you can download it and the previous ones by saving the link, however you do that on your operating system or browser.


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First Random Podcast!

Hello my friends. I have here the first podcast of this website… The Random Podcast! You can download it here. This is the podcast for January 9, 2007. Enjoy!

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I’ve Been away awhile…

…But I’m back! Hello everyone. And welcome back. I know I’ve gotten out of the swing of things, but I’m back in.

I have recently moved to Colorado, for those of you who don’t know, and it is quite a climate change from the valley of the sun. Anyways, great to be back.

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It’s the Mad Dad Salad Lad Fad!

Hello everybody, It’s the Mad Dad Salad Lad Fad! Here, we talk about the cruddy program called “All the Right Type”. Alright, it’s not that bad, but it had crazy sentences like, “Lad and lass fad salad.” “Salad fad lad.” And my personal favorite, “Mad dad salad lad fad!” Feel free to contribute.

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Colorado, here I come.. Not to where I started from…

Hey everyone. I’m sorry that I am moving to Colorado, and I know all of you will miss me. But, not everything can stay the same. I will especially miss my schoolmates, Rennat and Miho, and my choir buddy, James and Chris (I’ll miss you too, Coconnor). But, maybe this move is for the better. Who knows. But I will always keep you in my hearts (and blogs.). Sayonara, Arizona. Hello Colorado!

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I know I haven't posted in a while, but i'm kinda bored, so any replies of any kind would be GREAT. Thank you.

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It IS Coming…

This title is written at risk of sounding like Tanner’s preaching at lunch… LOL!

 Right now I’m working on an online RPG, one of the likes that has not been seen of latter… and it is called… “Heroes of Latter”!!!!!!!! (subject liable to change)

 Juan and Ika(2) are helping me out a bit, and I hope to release the game sometime is Summer, 2007. It IS coming, but you’ll have to wait until then.

That’s all, folks!

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Uh oh…

Mr. Kirschner luckily wasn’t angry when he found out… about IT… Good thing too, or we would have all been killed… 🙂 Over the THREE DAY weekend, Juan and I were trying to think what Mr. K. would do to us… Here is a basic run-through of what was said.

Bo: So… I wonder what Mr. Kirschner will do to us on Tuesday…
Juan: Yah, I was wondering… Maybe a detention?
Bo: Is that before or after he kills us?
Juan *snicker* But good thing we didn’t do anything…
Bo: Yah… But how will he know?
Juan:*shrugs* So… What do you want to do?
Bo: Dunno, what about you?
Juan: Want to play KotOR 2?
Bo: Sure!
X-box: SHWOOSH!! beep

Anyways, we are all still alive, and nobody is trapped in Brian’s closet *thanks goodness* 😉

But what about Keif? Keith? What ever that “new-dude’s” name is? What’s up with him? Is he even IN our class? *shudders*
He seems like a nice kid, but I don’t know if he’s in our class or not…. Hmmm…

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Some More Wisdom

If at first you don’t succede, try again. Then give up. No use aiming for something you can’t get.

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Today’s wisdom

If you put a lime in a coconut, you just wasted two fruits. Who would want to put a lime in a coconut? EWW!

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